Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Firenze, Day 9

On day 9, we awoke and had breakfast in a local cafe, with apple tart and lemon schweppes for me. We ran errands during the day, touring the English bookshops to find tickets for a night performance of Shakespeare, trying to find tourist information to get a taxi for our final day, trying to find out how to get to Pisa, and we went all the way out of Florence to find a swimming pool listed in the lonely planet, only to find it didnt exist. At least we got to ride the tram. Not disheartened, we settled down in a cafe for beer and books. 
We made picnics (foccacia, pringles, cake, disaronno and wine) and headed off for some little private gardens, only open to the public three times a year. In there, a tour group were setting up for their performance of Romeo and Juliet, and a marquee had been set up with treats to buy. We spent the evening there, gaining our prime seats on our blankets and cushions right in the centre of the garden. At 9.15, the stage lights lit the semi darkness and the performance began - easily my favourite night of the holiday so far. We were swept away by the atmosphere and walked home after midnight, completely safe and lost in the city's streets. 

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